About the challenge:

Welcome to Youth Data Hack! Unleash your creativity and analytical skills as you dive into public datasets covering social, environmental, or economic issues. Collaborate with like-minded peers to gain valuable insights and develop innovative, data-driven solutions that can make a positive impact on the world. Join us and be a part of shaping a better future through the power of data!

Get started:

Choose a dataset: Select a public dataset that interests you, related to social, environmental, or economic topics.

Explore the data: Dive into the dataset to uncover patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement or innovation.

Analyze with curiosity: Use data analysis tools and techniques to gain valuable insights from the information at hand.

Collaborate and ideate: Work to brainstorm creative, data-driven solutions to the identified challenges.

Build your solution: Develop a prototype, app, visualization, or any other form of solution that addresses the issue at hand.

Present your findings: Share your discoveries and solution with passion, showcasing the impact of data in shaping a better future through a short 5-10 minute video.




For the final submission on Devpost, participants will create a 3-7 minute video showcasing their data-driven solution. The video should include an introduction to the creators and the problem they aim to address using the dataset, followed by data analysis insights, a comprehensive overview of their solution's impact, a demo of the prototype/app, data visualizations, and concluding with the collaboration, challenges, and learnings. The video will serve as a compelling testament to their creativity, analytical skills, and dedication to leveraging data for positive change. 

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$500 in prizes

Grand Prize

Second Overall

Youth Winner

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Antony Ross

Antony Ross
Professor at Stanford University

Raju Shreewastava

Raju Shreewastava
CEO Big Data Trunk

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and Creativity
    Did the team do something novel, or take a fresh approach to the problem?
  • Usefulness and Feasibility
    Is the project practical? Does it solve the problem?
  • Technical Design and Complexity
    Was the technological aspect of the project hard to build? Did the team use clever techniques or implement complex components?
  • Presentation and Clarity
    Are the ideas well organized? Is it presented clearly?

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